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1 Happy New Year 
Worship Service 10:30am
Start the New Year Right!
No PM Service
3 BW Bible Study 10:15am
3 CEF Bible Club 2-3:30pm

7 "Anew Place" Dinner 7:30
8 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

13 VT BBF Calvary Baptist 
Essex Jct., Vt.
16 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm

22 Winter Worship Service
"Winter Dinner" 12:30pm
"Family Circle" 5:00pm
26 Hart's Anniversary (43)

5 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm
7 CEF Bible Club 2-3:30pm

14 BW Bible Study 10:15am

17 VT BBF Victory Baptist 
Vergennes, Vt. (No PM) 

26 Tropical Sunday 10:30am
Luau after AM Service 
No PM Service 
27-3/10 Harts in Florida 

2 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm
4 Independence Day Parade
"Water & The Word "Outreach
11 BW Bible Study 10:15am
17 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm

23 Julian & Bonnie George 
10:30AM Music for Worship
Picnic on the grounds
Gospel Concert 6:00pm

7/31-8/12 Harts in Maine

2 Midweek Bible Study (KS)
6 Evangelist Randy Davis 
10:30AM & 6:00PM Services 
7-12 Camp Sonlight
9 Bro. Randy Davis 7:00pm

12 Harts Return from Maine 
15 BW Bible Study 10:15am

20 The Puffers/Concert 7pm

25-9/4 CV Fair Ministry  

1 Midweek Bible & Prayer (Ed K)
5 Tropical Sunday II
Bro Dave Roy 10:30AM 
Bro Kevin Schwenn 6:00PM
7 CEF Bible Club 2:00-3:30pm
8 Midweek Bible & Prayer 
Bro. Ed Kelly 7:00pm
10 Harts return from Florida 
10-11 Teen All-Nighter 7pm-7am
Victory Baptist Church 
10 "Anew Place" Dinner 7:30pm 
12 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm
17 VT BBF Northside Baptist 
St Albans, VT 
20 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm
21 BW Bible Study 10:15am

26 Bibles to Philippines Offering!

1 Youth Rally 
Northside Baptist Church 
2 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm
4 CEF Bible Club 2:00-3:30pm
9 Memorial Service(J. Devine)2pm
9 Palm Sunday/Lord's Supper PM 
11 BW Bible Study 10:15am
15 "Anew Place" Dinner 7:30pm
16 Easter/Resurrection Sunday 
"Son has risen" Service 8:00am
Breakfast Fellowship 9:00am
Resurrection Service 10:30am
(No PM Service)
17 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm
21 VT BBF Brighton Baptist
Island Pond, Vt. 
22 Funeral  for Dennis Lavigne
United Church of Hinesburg 1pm
30 Missionary to Samoa 10:30AM
Jim Civales (AM & PM)  

3 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

12 BW Bible Study 10:15am


2 BW Bible Study 10:15am
2 CEF Bible Club 2:00-3:30pm
4 National Day of Prayer 
6 "Anew Place" Dinner  7:30pm
7 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

12 VT BBF Mt. View Baptist 
Danby Corners, VT.
14 Mothers Day Sunday  
15 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm

2 "Anew Place" Dinner 7:30
4 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

9 VT BBF Mt Greylock Baptist
N Adams,Ma.
11 LBC 17th Anniversary 
Special Speaker AM & PM 
Pastor Bruce Patterson
13 BW Bible Study 10:15am

19 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm
21-24 Summer Revival Meetings
Evangelist Randy Davis 
7:00pm Nightly Wed.-Sat. 
25 "Double Sunday" 10:30am
Picnic at the Lake 1:00pm
"Everyone Bring One"

5 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

14 BW Bible Study 10:15am

19 Thanksgiving Sunday
Harvest Dinner 1pm
Lords Supper 6pm



 25 Happy Birthday Jesus!