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January 2015

4 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

13 BW Weekly Bible Study

16 VT BBF Calvary Baptist
Essex Jct., Bro Gangwer
19 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm

25 Winter "Potluck Dinner"
Bring a dish to pass 12:30pm
Baptismal Service FBC 3pm
      (no evening service)

28 Family Circle 6:00pm

31 Hinesburg Village Center
Open House 1 - 5 pm
LBC Meet & Greet
31 "A New Place" Supper (7)
(see Janette to help out)

3 BW Weekly Bible Study

10 BW Weekly Bible Study

14 "A New Place" Supper (7)
(see Janette to help out)
16 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm
17 BW Weekly Bible Study
20 VT BBF Victory Baptist
Vergennes,  Bro Taylor

22 Tropical Sunday 10:30am
           Luau 12:30pm
(no evening service)

23-3/5 Harts in Florida

4 Independence Day Parade Outreach
5 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

14 BW Weekly Bible Study

26 Bob & Darlene Puffer
Country Gospel Concert 7pm

2 Birchwood Ministry 2:30am

3 -15 Harts in Maine

9 Evangelist Randy Davis
AM & PM Services

10-15 Camp Sonlight
Charlestown, NH

12 Bro Randy Davis 7:00pm

18 BW Weekly Bible Study

1 Tropical Sunday II
Bro. John Kaufman AM & PM
Victory Baptist Vergennes, Vt.

6 Harts Return from Florida

8 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

16 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm
17 BW Weekly Bible Study

20-21 Teen AllNighter 
7pm- 7am Victory Baptist

22 Bibles for the Philippines
Special Offering 6pm

27 VT BBF Northside Baptist
St Albans, Bro Patterson
28 "A New Place" Supper (7)
(see Janette to help out)

29 Palm Sunday
Lord's Supper 6:00pm


5 Resurrection Sunday 
Son has Risen Service 8:00am
Easter Breakfast Feast 9:00am
Worship Service 10:30am
     no evening service

7 BW Weekly Bible Study

11 Teen Conference NSBC
St Albans  11:00am-4:00pm

12 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

17 VT BBF Tri-State BBC
Chesterfield, NH. Bro Laitres

27 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm




3 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

12 BW Weekly Bible Study 10:15am

18 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm

22 VT BBF Lighthouse Baptist
Hinesburg,   Bro Hart

29 "A New Place" Supper (7)
(see Janette to help out)

2 BW Weekly Bible Study 10:15am

7 Birchwood Ministry 2:30pm

11 LBC Anniversary 15 Years
Founded June 11, 2000

15 Ladies Bible Study 6:00pm

19 VT BBF Mt Greylock Baptist
N. Adams, Ma. Bro Malachuck

24-28 Summer Revival Meetings
Evangelist Randy Davis
24-26 7:00pm Nightly
27 "Spead the Word" 10am-12pm
28 Double Sunday 10:30am
Picnic by the Lake 12:30pm
Final Devotion 2:30pm


6 Ladies OverNighter